Dungerous Tips

!!! Some players don't like to be helped, so if you're one of those, don't read the tips !!!.

In-game help

The game feature more than 100 contextual help popups and dozens of animated illustrations.


You hate them, they're fast to attack and they're poisonous. One rule if you want to survive : NEVER ATTACK A SPIDER IN DIRECT COMBAT. But how to do that ?

Bersek enemies

When you're not in "resist" mode , you can attack "safely" most enemies. Your "resist" ability will make you resist with 1 point of life even if you take one million damages. But some enemies (like the Old dragon , or the Troll ) can get bersek on low life. These are very dangerous enemies. If you atack them without killing them, they can turn bersek, and riposte with a triple attack that can kill you even if you were not resisting before starting.


Weak but annoying...

Gain time

Sometimes in Dungerous you're in a tough situation, enemies are too powerful, and all you can do is delay the moment they'll attack you.

The radar

Be very careful to the radar. If it's red , it means enemies are close.

Your friends

Your friends falling in the grid to help, are essential to your success. They come to help when your life is low. Don't hesitate to take damages on purpose to make them fall in the grid.

Dungeon cleared bonus

The "Dungeon cleared bonus" is abolutely essential to your victory.


Gold is central in the game, you earned gold when you kill enemies, when you grab coins or diamonds, and you upgrade your heores with gold, you buy items, and pets.


Pets are essential to your success.

Your inventory

In some situations, you need to use items from your inventory. A well managed inventory is a key to the success.


Gold is hard to earn and easy to spend...

Team XP

You can upgrade your heroes in the shop, but you can also upgrade them with the team XP. Each time you kill an enemy in direct combat (no spells, scrolls, attack tiles). When your Team XP reaches the maximum (50), ALL heroes/pets/friends in the dungeon get a level up.


Yes, Grok is the weakest of all your heroes, but you need to know a few things about Grok...

Special attacks

Most heroes have one special attack (except for Grok ). This change the way you play with each hero.